Welcome to the 9th Anniversary Season of
The Plush Life.

Since September 1993, the denizens of the Hollywood Trailer Park have opened their screen doors and invited you all in to take a peak at their glamorously wretched lives. Of course, one can’t help but stare in incredulity and disbelief at the goings on inside the most fascinating locale in Silver Lake. Over the years, Gina and her family and friends have shown a remarkable resilience to plague, famine, natural disasters and unnatural catastrophes. Year after year they have survived turning tragedy into triumph; each calamity bringing them closer together.

If this is your first visit to the trailer park or you’re a veteran who can’t remember what happened before, there’s no need to worry. Details and history will be provided along the way. Just sit back, have a drink and start living The Plush Life.


(Episodes are listed in chronological order)


To everyone’s shock and dismay, the dysfunctional denizens of The Hollywood Trailer Park have been served eviction notices. Gina Lotriman and her friends must vacate their trailers by December 5. That is unless they can raise enough money to buy the Trailer Park themselves. Let the fundraising begin!

Gina’s foster teens Tanya & Bud Plucker offered to contribute the profits from their on-line sex cam web site Incestuous Teens LIVE! Gina’s daughter Sharon Needles has converted the family night club into a posh upscale Ethiopian restaurant. Divinity Fudge and Harper Rowe have come up with a new television show that’s sure attract advertisers and loads of cash.

Martha Stewart, on the other hand, has moved into the Malibu Beach House, tossing out Sharon and her roommate and attorney-at-law Sabrah Summers. But Martha’s financial troubles have taken their toll on the normally invincible lifestyle guru. Rather than appear in court to explain her mysterious money-making machinations, Martha chose to pick up a gun and aim it at herself!

Will Martha's sudden death solve her problems ?

Can the clan raise enough cash to avoid eviction ?

What do you order at an Ethiopian restaurant ?


The Hollywood Trailer Park has been sold leaving Gina and her family and friends homeless by December 5 unless they can raise the money to buy the property themselves.

While everyone scrambles for ways to earn cash, Tureena Soup’s trailer has been commandeered by Anna Nicole and her entourage. Claiming she’s hiding from the ever present cameras, Anna refuses to leave. Poor Tureena, all she wants is peace and quiet.

Meanwhile, Sabrah Summers has passed the California bar exam and is now practicing law out of Harper’s office. With the help of newly hired paralegal Kay Sedia, Sabrah hopes to destroy Martha Stewart. After Martha secretly bought Sharon Needles’ Malibu beach house, she tossed Sharon and Sabrah out on the street.

Gina’s foster kids Tanya & Bud Plucker have had a falling out as well. When Tanya was chosen over Bud to compete on Divinity Fudge’s new show Trailer Park Idol , Bud ran away to live with the notorious Descanso Street Gang. Tanya’s deal to sell her unborn child to Liza and David Minnelli fell through when the press got wind of the whole affair. Tanya left home to find the father of her child who just happened to be one of the Descanso gangstas. But which one?

Will Tanya find the father and keep her baby ?

Can Bud survive the mean Descanso Streets ?

How will Turrena cope with Anna Nicole ?



The residents of The Hollywood Trailer Park are struggling to raise cash to buy out their mobile homes by December 5 or face eviction.

Attorney Sabrah Summers has hired Tureena Soup to manage her legal office. Tureena has been contracted by Divinity Fudge to do hair & makeup for her new show Trailer Park Idol. And Tureena ‘s not the only one keeping super busy. Divinity has been carrying on sexually with former lesbian wife Sabrah as well as Anna Nicole.

Liza & David Minnelli are still hoping to adopt a newborn. Their original arrangement with Sabrah to adopt Tanya Plucker‘s unborn child fell apart once the tabloids got wind of the story. In an effort to make good on the deal, Sabrah has offered her self as a surrogate womb.

Imagine Sharon Needles surprise when she returned to her Malibu beach house to discover Martha Stewart did NOT succumb to a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. In an effort finish Martha off for good, Sharon invited the high-toned homemaker to her Ethiopian restaurant for a poisoned entrée. But when the tainted soup had no effect on Martha, Sharon decide to electrocute her instead. Let’s hope it worked!

Is Martha Stewart finally dead ?

Can Sabrah even get pregnant ?

How many jobs can Tureena do at once ?



The Hollywood Trailer Park hopes to become the focus of national attention by hosting a brand new reality series – Trailer Park Idol. With über-agent Harper Rowe producing and gorgeous gold digger Anna Nicole judging, this is one show sure to attract viewers.

Tanya & Bud Plucker have commandeered Choriza Russell’s health clinic and nail salon, planning to set up headquarters for a super-secret undercover operation. Across town, Tureena Soup has been running absent attorney Sabrah Summers‘ law practice.

Martha Stewart seems invincible as always. Despite several attempts on her life, the Queen of Home Decor has managed to bounce back from the dead each and every time. Bloody dismemberment, car crashes and tactical weapons are no match for the irascible and irritating Connecticut house frau.

Meanwhile, Liza & David Minnelli took a trip to New York in their never-ending quest to find a newborn child. They kidnapped a very pregnant Carrie Bradshaw from the set of Sex & the City and spirited her back to Hollywood hoping to induce labor and keep her baby!

Will Carrie let Liza & David keep her baby ?

Who are Tanya & Bud working for ?

   Is there anything that can destroy Martha ?



Tanya & Bud Plucker commandeered Choriza Russell‘s nail salon as headquarters for Carol Channing’s Operation CHICA – Carol‘s High Impact Colonics Anonymous. Carol hopes to provide a safe secure environment for flatulent women. When Choriza protested, Carol literally blew her away with her gaseous expellations. Choriza headed to attorney Sabrah Summers’ office for legal advice on reclaiming her business, only to find Tureena Soup had turned the law office into her personal pot head internet porno paradise.

Talent agent Harper Rowe recently entered a drug rehab facility to find more celebrities to appear on Trailer Park Idol. She didn’t land any A-list stars for the reality show, but she did develop a drug dependency. Ricocheting through a myriad of mood swings, Harper finally signed C-list musical theater queen Tommy Tune to host.

The premier episode of Idol was nearly derailed when surly Anna Nicole was visibly shaken when Bobby Trendy was introduced as the “human stop watch“. 10 contestants must Outwit, Outlast and Out-sing each other before Bobby covered everything in fun fur and purple satin. As Harper lost control of the production, Liza & David Minnelli’s pregnant hostage Carrie Bradshaw gave birth on live television. Bobby promptly stapled fun fur to the newborn. Enraged, a drug-addled Harper then strangled Bobby with the umbilical cord!

Has Bobby joined Martha in decorator heaven ?

Is Harper hooked on hallucinogens ?

   Will Carol ever remember having corn ?



Thanks to her husband David, Liza Minnelli has lost both her reality show and her grip on reality. While driving drunk and distraught, Liza picked up 13-year-old hitch hiker Amber. Liza discovered this waif was worse off than she, and decided to adopt her. Sadly, while toasting this momentous occasion, a drunken Liza crashed the car.

Sabrah Summers, attorney at law, took time from her busy schedule to consult with notorious kleptomaniac Winona Ryder. Unfortunately, Sabrah declined to represent the doe-eyed shoplifter leaving her open to prosecution and ultimately conviction of her crimes.

Meanwhile, the multiple-murdered Martha Stewart has been re-animated by Australian scientist Tyler Tinker Thomason‘s ROD (Reanimating Oscillating Device). While reanimating Bobby Trendy, Tyler lost control of his ROD to the hack designer and had no choice but to send Martha to find Bobby and retrieve the ROD.

Martha enlisted Harper Rowe to help her recover Tyler’s ROD and destroy Bobby Trendy. They discovered the flaming freak re-decorating Gina Lotriman’s trailer. They took aim with their guns but Bobby was able to deflect the bullets with his oversized bracelets and Gina was shot in the crossfire!

Could it be that Bobby lives and Gina dies ?

Can Tyler control his ROD  ?

   Will Amber & Liza survive and be a happy family ?



Gina Lotriman’s son Skip Tumehlou has returned from the continent a bit more sophisticated and hungry for fame. Hoping to land a spot on Trailer Park Idol, Skip made a play for host Tommy Tune only to be told he wasn’t “trailer trash” enough to compete.

Sabrah Summers agreed to help Skip with his audition. Things were going splendidly until Sabrah‘s ex-wife Divinity Fudge popped in for a look-see. Sabrah hasn‘t been speaking to Divinity ever since Divvy had that sordid affair with Anna Nicole. Before the two dames came to blows, Skip reminded them of their once deep and abiding love and convinced them to put aside their differences for the sake of their child Nilla Fudge.

Meanwhile, Sharon Needles has decided to reclaim her Malibu beach house from Martha Stewart. Unfortunately, mad scientist Tyler Tinker Thomason holds the deed to the seaside estate and has transformed the basement into a laboratory. With Martha’s help Tyler plans to use his patented ROD (Re-animating Oscillating Device) to revive history’s greatest villains and then take over the world. Much to Sharon’s surprise, she discovered Martha is actually in Switzerland while Tyler has fallen in love with a clone of Martha he has created to take her place should the need ever arise..

How many Martha's soes the world need ?

Where is Nilla Fudge ?

   After years of denial, will Skip finally embrace his trailer trashiness ?



Tureena Soup has a cyber sex addiction, spending all her time getting off online. Harper Rowe and Divinity Fudge decided an intervention was the only way to save Tureena from manipulating herself to death. Unable to face her addiction, Tureena escaped from rehab and was last seen searching the Trailer Park for an internet connection.

Nilla Fudge is sharpening her psychic skills at the Rimwart’s Academy for Young Ladies . While conjuring up a troll, Nilla and her classmates accidentally trans-teleported Divinity to the girls dormitory.

Skip Tumehlou thinks he finally got a big break when he was offered the Emcee position on Trailer Park Idol . What he doesn‘t know is the network wants him to die on live TV. You see, the shows ratings went through the roof when Harper strangled Bobby Trendy on camera. Now the suits in charge want a Homo-Homicide on every broadcast.

No one believes Sharon Needles’ claim that Tyler Tinker Thomason used his ROD (Re-animating Oscillating Device) to clone Martha Stewart and plans to take over the world. Taking matters into her own hands, Sharon hijacked the live broadcast of Trailer Park Idol hoping to enlist the national TV audience in her cause. The whole thing blew up in Sharon’s face when she used the microphone Harper and Divinity rigged to explode during Skip‘s opening number.

Has Sharon gone out with a bang ?

How dangerous is Divinity in a girls dormitory  ?

   Is Tureena doomed to a life of self-pleasuring ?



Thanksgiving is a time to count your blessings, but our friends in the Hollywood Trailer Park don’t have much to be thankful for:

  - The Trailer Park has been sold. Everyone must vacate the premises by December 5.
  - Tureena Soup is an incurable cyber sex addict.
  - Sabrah Summers did not pass her bar exam.
  - Gina Lotiman’s foster children Tanya and Bud Plucker have been stealing cars and computers.
  - Nilla Fudge wants to move back to London with her daddy Dirk Wadley, leaving Divinity Fudge all alone.
  - No one believes Sharon Needles’ claim that Tyler Tinker Thomason used his ROD (Re-animating Oscillating Device) to clone Martha Stewart and plans to take over the world.
  - Harper Rowe and Skip Tumehlou disappeared after the abysmal failure of the once-popular Trailer Park Idol.

It’s time for Gina, her friends and family to face their deepest fears and overcome their trial and tribulations.

 It’s time for Gina, her friends and family
to face their deepest fears
and overcome these trials and tribulations.


You will have to wait to find out