Sometimes things don't work out the way you would like and you find yourself DEAD. Here are several former residents of the Hollywood Trailer Park as they appeared in their mortal form...

Uncle Neddy
A once beloved host of a 50's TV Kiddie Show, Neddy was looking forward to a long life with his sweetheart Alicia Beigé. He got sucked up by a twister and went on to a fabulous career in the underworld, telling his boring stories to the lost souls of Purgatory. Sometimes he reappears when things could not be worse. Although not really dead, many wish he was.

Lois Hymenstein
Once Gina's personal therapist, Lois was strangled by a deranged ventriloquist. She currently resides in the freezer of the famous Cavern Club.

The brother of Throckmorton, he was the lead mortician for Gender's funeral. Now he's keeping her company in the world beyond. He drank one of his own potions, "Jekyl Juice", and reverted to a monkey boy moments before a hit man gave him his final banana.

Officer Crueller Tuenfore
Sharon's ex-husband and ex-father of her child Cinnamon 3, Crueller revealed he was actually married to Chilly Pott all the time. Sharon demanded he divorce Chilly and though he acquiesced, Sharon pulled the trigger anyway. Sharon dumped the body in a wood chipper.

Dino Cabbáge
From somewhere in Europe came the mysterious Dino. He got involved with strippers and was killed by a cooter during a lap dance by Chilly Pott.

Gender Gillooly
Gender was a remarkably talented woman- a striptease artist, an undercover agent, an adulterer pregnant with Rusty's bastard child. She sustained a massive head injury caused by flying propane tanks during a twister. She is currently cryogenically preserved in the Cavern Club freezer.

An alcoholic vampire, the deranged Throckmorton devoured Harper Rowe's infected organs. He then contracted E.I. (Environmental Illness). Divinity tried to restore him with a Voodoo cure, but unfortunately he was reduced to skeletal remains, which Divinity fed into a wood chipper. After an unsuccessful attempt to use Divinty Fudge as a "host carcass", Throckmorton's spirit now resides in the body of her possessed infant!

Conrad Dingus
Former owner of the long gone Dingusland, Conrad meet his end after returning to his office looking for a can of cheese whiz, only to be trampled to death by a stampede of trapped trailer park residents.